No Cook 5 Minute Recipes – DESSERT RAINBOW

These recipes involve no cooking and can be brought about with basic ingredients at home. Now if you were to ask if Milkmaid or Yoghurt is a basic ingredient ….well if it‘s not there go for the next available stuff at home.

Supplement ….Experiment ….and Share it with us as well…

Happy no – sweat cooking!!!

Dessert Rainbow

In a bowl mix:
Mixed fruits – 1 cup [the more colorful they are the better]
Cherries + Tutty Fruity + Dry fruits – ½ cup
Chocolate cookies or Wafers – ½ cup [broken into small pieces]
Fresh Cream – 1 tlbsp [optional]

Mix all ingredients together. Add a cup of flavored yoghurt. Mix well. For those who like the taste of cinnamon a pinch can be thrown in. Ensure that the flavor of the yoghurt goes well with the fruits on hand.

By Mrs. Mira Balachandran;